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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
I would blame Windows 10 1803 for any computer problem you run into in general as long as you have that version of Win10.

Its a good thing I went for broke and did everything I could in order to disable updates from happening.

The 3 biggest things I did for disabling the updates as an example;
(don't use this as a guide)

1. Deleting specific tasks via Task Scheduler for Windows updates and the update assistant stuff and "sih" as well and disable/delete startup entries like that and UpdateOrchestrator.

2. Deleting the update assistant folders on their own and deleting downloaded updates while keeping the folder intact (stay offline when doing this) then go into properties for the folder and do the procedure of disabling permission entirely for doing anything with the folder.

| A quotation of how to do the folder permission block. |

"So how? C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download thats the secret place where all MS update downloads end up at. Just claim full exclusive control of that folder, under Properties>Security change the current owner to your user, remove inheritance, and remove any permission that might be still left (fortunatly MS does not impersonate your user to update, but you have no bussiness on this folder, so you can leave yourself out of permissions as well)."

3. Disable the windows update service within services via run... services.msc .

I used 'a search engine' for "disable windows 10 april update folder" in order to find the details listed through pages of a Microsoft answers submission.

If anyone encounters major issues or any problems at all since ending up with 1803,I encourage you to go back to 1709 or whatever last Windows 10 version you were on if it wasn't as bad then find the answers Micro$oft stuff in order to prevent it from updating your system again.
Also note that you can install gpedit with the correct batch file,but make sure to view it in notepad to ensure its not a malicious file instead of the correct one.
Hopefully that isn't the case because I did a fresh install so I don't have the option to roll back to 1709. When I went to the MS site to download ISO for 1803 they removed 1709. So I'll be shh out of luck if it is 1803.
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