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Originally Posted by Alunalun View Post
Sorry to ask the obvious, but have you mapped your axispad buttons/sticks to the N64 buttons/stick? Each N64 button is listed, with next to it the name of the button it's mapped to. For Jabo's default input plugin, you click the white square next to the N64 button name and then press whichever input you want it mapped to.
Well, du-huh . I thought I had, but kept getting a message that the button was already in use. I finally did it about 5X of resetting the defaults and then saving the profile. But now I loose the stick settings while in the game (e.i. a direction, such as left or right, will stop working) and will have to stop and restart PJ64.

Does this sound like an emulator problem or maybe the gamepad going out (it is about 8+ years old)? Also, how well do the USB converters work? The Mayflash or Sumo work better?


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