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The 'button is already in use' is a bit of a pain, but you can unassign all the N64 buttons by pressing Esc when you go to configure them. So if you unassign them all you can then configure your pad without having to worry about this error.

I haven't heard of or experienced analogue sticks stopping responding like that, so I don't think it's to do with the emulator. So yes, maybe your gamepad has a dodgy connection inside or in the lead or something. You can probably fix that with a bit of solder, but before you do that try updating your drivers because this often fixes a range of problems. EDIT: but if you find that restarting project64 fixes it then it can't be a hardware problem, ignore me. Yeah, try the drivers.

Playing with actual N64 controllers with real memory packs and USB adapters has a few issues, but I don't know about them. Other people can help, though.

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