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Unhappy Can't use texture packs

I'm a noob at this emulator-thing and at english, so I hope I can explain my problem properly

I'm using Project64 and Glide64 (Video Plugin), and I want to use one of those texture packs I found for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
(afaik there are different settings you need for different games, right?)

I tried everything Google told me, but i couldn't make it work.
It says something like "loading texture pack" when i start the emulation, but nothing happens (it still looks the same)

- What settings do i need? I heared, that you have to choose "compatibility mode for windowsXP SP3" at the settings of the .exe file of the emulator, is that true?
- Where do i have to put the texture files exactly? In a "cache" folder, or do I have to name it "hires_textures", like this other website said? And WHERE do I have to put that folder exactly?
- Where do i have to put the "glide3x.dll" wrapper exactly? Into the Video Plugin folder or next to the .exe of the emulator?

And could my PAL version of the ROM be the problem? I really have no idea ^-^'

I hope someone here could help me, i'd be really, really happy...
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