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Here is my complete PJ64 Folder:

w w w

Use Nvidia Inspector to configure your video driver with this option, don't fear is safe and any game will benefit from it...

You need to use the Ocarina of Time 1.1 (U)! rom
Don't use any other versions because they have randoms crashes (e.g. version 1.2 will crash right away with an unknown opcode error when you go to the Kokiri Shop at the beginning of the game)
This folder its "portable" (doesn't need any setup or installation) you only need to configure the buttons layout to your liking and on the graphics plugin set the fullscreen resolution, as the plugin will autodetect the videomodes for your current hardware the first time you run it...
Don't ever touch anything else, it comes preconfigured for ONLY just this game
If you have a Hires Pack create a folder named hires_texture (IF its on uncompressed png formats and comes with a bunch of subfolders) or create a folder named cache (IF its a so-I-herd-u-liek-textures.DAT) inside the plugin folder and drop the file/files on it...
That's all, have fun...NYAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

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