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Originally Posted by FatCat View Post
"Dynarec" is an abbreviation for "dynamic re-compile".

An interpreter emulates a CPU's instruction cache on a linear, step-by-step instruction graduation process. Easier to keep track of cycles and timing among other accuracies.

A dynamic recompiler only invokes methods to generate the compiled/assembled Intel x86 (in this case) code to the instruction cache on the host machine (our PC) used to emulate the target machine (the N64), then executes that code block directly without calling a function each time.

Interpreter is more stable, usually more accurate, and avoids more issues/bugs.
Last question, thank for your reply in advance.

did you mean when using pj64 interpreter CPU core, project64 still recomiles N64 instructions to x86 instructions but one instruction by one instruction.

or the interpreter is exclusive from dynamic recompiling and dynamic recompiling only happen when using recompiler CPU core.

or interpreter and dynarec are irrelevant, depends on how the emulator is designed.

I still feel confusing.
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