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Originally Posted by theboy181 View Post
Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
No, the June 2014 edit to my post was just to move the plugin download from to

I have some archival of the release history:
2013.12.12:  public release 6
2013.12.04:  public release 5
2013.06.09:  public release 4
2013.05.15:  public release 3
2013.05.13:  public release 2
2013.04.14:  public release 1
Hm...although looking at it now, I had no idea my release history was this consolidated. I'm surprised everything is from 2013. I know development-wise I had testers helping me find oddities in games back in 2011, but I didn't see a reason to release for 2 years.

I never did a public release, ever, without thinking each version could be the last.

I only did a public release once I felt I'd hit final perfection (usually in terms of performance, since accuracy was not a big issue thanks to zilmar's and MAME RSPs to study), and that anything else left to do in the plugin was just a matter of needing feedback from testers around the world to help me catch unused opcodes or the like.

The number of public releases is merely a reflection of how many times I was wrong about perfection, not the number of times I felt like updating everyone with an interim improvement. I would have still expected everyone to compile it on their own meanwhile.

But to jump back to your question, I am not done committing more improvements to the RSP plugin, but have just not had the time yet.

That just means it's segfaulting, and Project64's catching the access violation with its own exception checking (and its own error message).

I cannot test since I don't have Windows anymore. I have Linux.

I tried to send you an old new (yes that's correctly typed) rsp.dll file I had from my Windows partition, but PMs on this forum are broken. zilmar needs to fix his server thing. I don't do AIM or Skype or any of that crap, although you're welcome on IRC.

No, because you would first have to establish that it was RSP-related to begin with.

It's not possible to respond to an issue saying "try changing plugins" for the reason of seeing if a different RSP plugin shares the same issue (no change at all from switching DLLs) without knowing the RSP plugin was causing it.

You would have to first suggest to change plugins for the reason of seeing if it's a RSP plugin issue to begin with before you could even pose the question of whether other RSP plugins share the exact same issue or already know ahead of time that it was his outdated build causing it.

He would want to / could compile it on his own if he was using a better operating system.

I thought the reason for asking him to switch was to see if Project64 also had the bug inside its own RSP like you said, not because it was convenient for him to switch to builds he already has installed. Make up your mind.

Yes, I do know that.

If I wasn't aware of that I'd be sitting here wondering why theboy181's vagina is as sorely penetrated as his ass.
HAHA.. This was pointed out to me. If you are going to insult me please write it at the top of your posts.
Everything has to be pointed out to you below.
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