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Give me a second NYA!
Ok I will recommend you the best pack since this game is the only one I play all the time and also I will upload for you my whole PJ64 folder with the best configurations setup and the mix of plugins for the ultimate experience of this game...

Best Texture Pack is the "Zelda Ocarina of time Community Retexture" found at Emutalk

The requirements for this to work is that your video card needs to be an Nvidia or something with good OpenGL capabilities and IF possible run it on a Windows XP enviroment as Windows 7 and above has this damned desktop compositing that screw with the video's plugin vsync and cause severe frame drops in an already LOW FPS game...

Also I will include a "portable" application that you will need to use for all this to work flawlessly called Nvidia Inspector because we will need it for one thing that will make increase the FPS drastically: Set under the Elevated Settings of the app main tab the Buffer-flipping-mode to OGL_FORCE_BLIT_ON...

Please respond if you have the above requirements before proceding NYA!!!

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