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Originally Posted by Airoh_the_animal View Post
My Project 64 was acting up, so i decided to download the latest version.
This resulted in my Ocarina of Time save (inside the game ofc) was gone.

So i wonder if anyone can help me.
I had started over again and was just about to go the Temple of Time to get old. I did have about 9 hearts, and all the little Link needs to have. I don't want a cheat save, because i like to play the game as it was intended. So if anyone have a save file from right before Link grows old, i'll be happy!

Best regards
Hello Airoh. Sorry to hear about what happened . I recommend checking to save file directory. Are you sure the save file is completely gone? What if it's just in a different directory? Maybe the save name that the latest version uses for reading save files, also changed.

If by some chance the issue is that your file was overwritten, Windows 7 has the ability to restore a file to a previous date (although there's no guarantee).
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