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I would need to kill a lot of needed processes running at that range, including windows explorer which handles opening and closing windows, and the start menu which something that everybody uses. Which would mean everyone would be having this problem.

But I'll try to kill everything that my antivirus is using at that range.


I've used AVG and Avast on a really messed up computer, and avast found a whole lot more than AVG. Plus Avast has a boot scanner which can really save a computer that has something terrible on it. It's a really good antivirus especially for the price.


Well I'll try to completely uninstall my antivirus and see if that does anything. That would be the most surefire way to know that it is or isn't my anti virus.


Defiantly not Avast. I completely uninstalled it and tried the emulator and it still gave me the same error message.
Thanks for all of the help.

Is there perhaps a way to debug the PJ64 Application itself?
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