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Default problems with Project64k online - player 2 can't move

Hello community,

I have a little problem with project64k Version 0.40. I would like to play multiplayer mario 64 version 1.3 with my friends, but there is a problem. Here is the problem:

I tried to make a server with AQZ Netplay v.0.20 with the command /server 1 (1=port) . Friends can connect with /connect <IP> <port>. I can control mario but player 2 can't move luigi. He doesnŽ't move. I don't know what's wrong. But when I am on the server of my friend we both can move. Does someone know what the problem is?

Under options and then settings the plugins are:

video (graphics) plugin: Jabo's Direct3D81.6
Audio (sound) plugin: Jabo's DirectSound 1.40
Input (controller) plugin: AQZ NetPlay v.0.20

Under Configure controller plugin:

Player 1-4 have "Controller is plugged in" and for player 2-3 "None"

I hope someone have a solution and it would be very nice when someone would help me. Thanks for all people who will help me and sorry for my bad english but I hope you can understand it.

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