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Thanks suanyuan,
that's one more solution for people using 5.1 Up to 7.1 speakers.

With the sound chipset ALC883 from Realtek, I also have nothing new with the XAUDIO2,
I can't test it properly as well.

With Conker's bad Fur Day exemple, I get different surround environment, sure it is upmix from the Creative Gigaworks 750S to use 5.1 on a 7.1 system.

A real 7.1 does not exists, it is an upmix.

Only few movies have 6.1 channels sound, and not really the best ones.

It is "fake".

I get outstanding sound on CBFD with the schibo plugin making sound coming from dinstinct different channel. For exemple, and not the most beautiful one, sorry for that. xD

I get on the poo BGM ingame, each farting coming from :

- front right
- rear left
- front left
- rear right

The sides only plays the same sound as rear (upmix 5.1 from speaker system).

With the alternative I explained, I get each farting on front sides left to right and center.

I totally agree that it's not the best surround experience possible.
Even on the game launch we read that it's based mp3 sound.

But in this game with schibo and the one who bear this audio plugin, the channels works as independant and the quality is enjoybale enough.

In Ocarina of time with alternatives, the Epona's moving sound plays great too.

People can test all of this without spending too much time.

I hope suanyuan will have some feedback from XAUDIO2.
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