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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
It is more along the lines of video lists from RSP stability like DK64 having proper collisions and correct DK Rap Animation
I don't think RSP has anything to do with this DK64 problem ;/ . Otherwise I will go ahead and test m64p's HLE rsp on PJ64 2.1 .

Originally Posted by retroben View Post
and other games running more decently on PJ64 while failing on some versions of Mupen64/Plus because of the admittedly crappy Recompiler.
I find it ironic that people who care so much about portability, struggle to actually do a good job porting . If the problem isn't branching or the general recompiler structure, anybody can fix it. It's time for you to take action, if you want better emulation. Nobody who has the ability to improve it, cares about Android, so what do you expect to happen?

I didn't expect anyone to fix/make an RSP recompiler, so guess what I did ? eZ pZ sonn.

I admit it's not easy balancing accuracy and performance, for a recompiler, but when you prioritize accuracy and slowly add in optimizations over-time, it's much simpler.

I'm curious though. I know that you've tried interpreter on android, but have you tried cached interpreter? If that works, then it means that the problem is likely easily to fix.
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