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Originally Posted by the_randomizer View Post
LLE graphics runs like crap on my rig, but Glide runs smooth.
Again you make claims about things you haven't even tested (recently). I just tested Beetle Adventure Racing and Super Smash Bros. Glide64 was roughly 40% faster. Your cpu is like 27% faster than mine, so how can you say LLE gfx run like crap on your rig? Lol I just tested Jabo LLE in smash64 and get more fps on that, than I did with Glide ;/ .

Now the real argument against LLE gfx plugins is how incomplete they are (with the exception of pixel accurate of course ) . I wish ziggy paid more attention to certain games ;/ , but I blame end users for not reporting enough problems to him.

Also I'm skeptical about glideN64's speed. Unless he rewrites almost all of the code, it's not going to be that great. gln64 is a slow plugin, and that's his base.

And again, glideN64 won't work on PC's that are older than 2011 ;/ .

There are games where Jabo's more preferable though. Plus low end machines need Jabo! Or Rice . I love rice's plugin too .
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