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Lol looks like performance is heavily game specific. Why does every gfx plugin run SM64 so well?? It's really weird. If all I played was SM64, I'd prolly think n64 emulation was amazing. Like seriously... So yes, if you're playing games like SM64, HLE is spectacular. Other games... Depends.

Can somebody link me an up to date (and working) binary of RiceVideo for m64p? I tried the one off mxe daily, but it doesn't work ;/ .

Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
Doesn't help that any conclusions that he may have drawn about performance with LLE were tied to an outdated version of my RSP interpreter from a year ago either.
Exactly. Makes no sense to draw conclusions for something you're not up to date on ;/ . The minute he asked about what plugin to use... I realized what was up ;/ .
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