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Originally Posted by robshined View Post
So im attempting to work SM64 multiplayer in PJ64K, and everything is working, Except one of my friends is using a N64 Usb adaptor, we have tried many many settings but we keep coming to the same issue, that he can only walk, and cannot run. Please help as we want to get this working.

What's probably happening here is a calibration issue. The controller must be calibrated within windows.

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers

Here at the top you should see the N64 gamepad listed under whatever adapter is being used be it mayflash or other. At that point, you want to right click on it and click game controller settings. After the new window pops up you'll then want to click on properties, settings tab, calibrate..., then proceed with calibration.

As far as I know this has to be done with ALL N64 controller adapters.

Also, if you have a nice, still moderately tight, working analog on your N64 controller be sure to have deadzone set to 0% and 100% stick range in the input plugin settings.
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