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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Edit: Added a 60fps alternative.

Another Smoothed 60fps
8106CABC 2402
8106CABE 0001
8106CAC0 AC22
8106CAC2 D404
8106CAC4 1000
81079E8C 2401
81079E8E 0000
Has same audio game hang issues by itself when grabbing too many bananas,just another alternate 60fps code.

Large Racers
80013128 0065

Racer Size Mod
8101313E xxxx

AI Racer LOD Hack
80013213 0000
8001321F 00xx
Note that I already posted a strong high-poly code earlier.
00=Same Result As Default
02-04=Less Detail
05=Lowest Detail

Tail-lights Always On
80013318 0065

Tail-lights Not On In Shade
8001332F 0000

Invisible 2D Sprites
800134E3 0000

Always Have Magnet Sparks/Insanity
80013E0F 00xx
00=Always Sparks
05=Magnet Physics Insanity
All racers have it,plane and hovercraft are broken on insanity.

Magnet Corrupts The Game
8001400B 0024
Funny to see.

Invisible 3D Stuff
800143EB 002C
Your wheels and fanblades are visible.

Corrupted Models
80014427 000C

Distorted Models
8001444B 0004

More Distorted Models
8001444B 0006
8001444F 0012

Graphical Overload Test
80014457 0008
Corrupted graphics so bad that it slows things down.

Bugged Graphics
81014454 2405
81014456 0004
Less intense.

Bizarre Animated Model Distortion
80014467 0005

Messy Models
8001447B 000C

Skin Textures?
80014497 0004

Missing Model Textures
800144A7 0000
Solid white,black,or blue or others.

Corrupting Model Polygons
81014520 0000
81014522 0000

Seizure Risk GPU Stresser
8001452F 004C
Very risky.

Smoothed Texture Corruption
80014532 00BB

Clustered Model Polygons
800145EF 0080

Glitchy Racer Models
8001474F 0008

Missing Model Polygons
800147A3 0002
Funny looking results.

Reveal Debug Setup Objects
81014844 2402
81014846 0000

Faster Object Actors
80014983 0004
Doors move fast,Tricky pillars fall faster and the boulder rolls faster.
Sadly breaks some loading zones randomly.
Needs save-state exploit of already being in the hub world to avoid freezing.

Bonus codes!

Frogs Remain Squished
80042357 0003

Frogs Don't Interact
80042359 0000

Alt Frantic Frogs
800423BB 0000

Immediate Frog Resquish
800423EB 0000
Stop on a frog to have it repeatedly get squished instead of hopping away.

Frog Ribbit Sound Mod
8104263E xxxx
0004=Laughing Kids
000E=Popping Balloons
000F=Recovering From Squish
0018=Get Ready!
0023=Whoa There!
0024=Hello Friend
0026=Oh Hoh!
0029=I've got something special for you
002D=You won first prize
002E=Conker Yeh-haha
002F=Timber Whoa!
0032=This is for you
0035=Wizpig Head Laugh
0038=Rocket Control
0039=Shuttle Closing
003C=Bumper Oh No!
003F=Blast Off!
0042=Diddy Voice
0043=Guh Huh!
0044=Diddy Hiihiihiihaha
0045=Pipsy Laughing
0046=Timber Yeah!
0048=Tricky Laughing
0049=I am the genie of the island
004A=Pipsy Yeah-heh!
004B=I'm here to help you
004C=Good Luck
004D=Character Laugh?
004E=Timber Laughing
0050=T.T. Yipee! Let's party!
0051=Wizpig Laughing
0052=Wizpig Laugh
0053=Sorry to break the party
0054=Well lookee here! Its the little worm!
0056=See ya' later worms!
0057=Wizpig Laugh 2
0059=If you can beat me again
005A=I'll give you a special prize
0066=Wrong Way!
0067=No No No!
006B=Wizpig Chuckle
006C=Wizpig No! No!
006D=Angry Wizpig
006E=Sad/Angry Wizpig
0072=Wizpig Losing Control
0073=Krunch Laughing
0075=Wizpig Distressed
0076=Bock x5
0077=Goodbye kid!
0078=Banjo Gah Hoo!
0079=Bluey Collect all of the silver coins
0085=Now try the trophy challenge
0086=You won a piece of the amulet!
0087=My name's Krunch
0088=My name's Bumper
0089=Hey! Its Tiptup
008A=I'm Conker
008C=I'm Banjo!
008D=My name's Drumstick
008E=I'm Pipsy
008F=I'm T.T.
0090=I'm Diddy. Hoohah!
0091=You can come back when you're ready
0092=Aw,nevermind kid
0093=Krunch Ehh!
0094=Bumper Oh!
0095=Tiptup Uhh!
0096=Conker Aah!
0097=Timber Rah!
0098=Banjo Uh-whooah!
009A=Pipsy Uh-oh!
009B=T.T. Whoa!
009C=Diddy WHOA!
009D=Collect 8
009E=And then come back
00A3=Tricky Doh!
00A5=Dragon Breathing
00A6=Dragon Grunt
00A7=Bluey Hey!
00A8=Bluey Oh No!
00AE=Hovercraft Bounce
00B3=Tricky Laughing
01A4=Drumstick Cluck

Frog Hop Animation Mod
80042688 00xx
00=Real Crazy (breaks game with sounds)
02=Squished (sadly lacks splort sound)
03=After Squished Recover

Lazy Frogs
810426E2 7FFF
Much less hopping unless provoked.

Frantic Frogs
800426F5 0000
Faster hopping rate.

Crazy Frantic Frogs
800426A3 0001
800426F5 0000
Teleport speeds.

Frogs Get Auto-squished Randomly
8004280F 0000
Even when not touching them.

Squishing Drumstick Frog Doesn't Unlock Him
8004281C 0010
Combine with above to prevent the permanent unlock DFrog vanish.

Unlock Drumstick On Any Frog
8004281F 0000

Frog Squished Sound Mod
8104242E xxxx
81042822 xxxx
0098=Banjo Uh-whooah

Frog Squish Recovery Mod
800428B3 00xx
00=Stay Squished
01=Stay Squished Hopping
02=Stay Squished Stuck (So mean!)
04=Quick Recover

Drumstick Frog Unlock Mod
81042462 xxxx
81042856 xxxx
0000=Disable Unlock (allows repeat squishing for essentially practicing)
0001=Unlock T.T. Instead
0003=Unlock Both Drumstick And T.T.
FFFF=Add All Cheats?!? (even buggy named ones)

Frog Squish Recover Sound Mod
810428FE xxxx

Squished Frog New Height
8104292E xxxx

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