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Originally Posted by iccutreb View Post
I've used Project64 for many moons. I recently started playing Ocarina of Time and got a good way into it. I saved the normal way, by pressing F5. Unfortunately, the next time I went into the emulator the save would not load when I pressed F7. I checked the saves folder and it's in there. What do I do to get my data?
That's a good indication that the file was corrupt while saving which can happen every once in a while. I personally have discovered a glitch in Project64's save system where pressing CTRL + S and saving, it doesn't save at all playing Majora's Mask. The only way I get around it is by continually pressing CTRL + S immediately after saving and I see the save appear eventually. Perhaps it's a new bug in 2.0 because in 1.6 I never once had a problem with saving, but I will reinstall later.

If you'd like, you could attach your save to a reply and I could test it to see if it works in my Project 64. Hope to see it's resolved, maybe you just got unlucky.

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