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Interesting, this file is only 160 bytes (It should be around 600kb or higher. That's clear indication that the file was corrupted. This save will not work for me either. I assume you're using Windows, you might want to try some diagnostic tests. Try saving the file using F5 in Project64 again. Try to restore it 10 seconds after saving to see if the file has been saved and works. It seems to me it could well be a file permissions problem where you should manually grant Project64 administrative privileges.

As for your taskbar problem. That's odd, perhaps you're moving the shortcut you pinned to the taskbar to a different folder. Try going into the Project64's folder (make sure the folder always stays in the same place) and assign Project64 to taskbar there.

Perhaps you just got unlucky, corruptions and problems do happen. But for the benefit of the doubt. I think you should try saving a few times and follow my advice. That way, you can fresh install PJ64 and if the problem still persists you'll know it's nothing to do with the program. It can then only mean something along the lines of file permissions, network restrictions, hard drive failure or Operating System policies. I doubt the program would have any incompatibility with Windows OS's or hardware that would cause a save exception to occur. At least I've never heard of it.
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