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Thanks for the response -- but it turns out that the frame drops may have been due to CPU usage...the slowdowns were magically alleviated on my next test. I had a lot of browser windows open and had some other stuff going *doh*.

The plug-in seems to be working very well so far. I noticed the textures look icky with the 2xSaI scaling on with this plug-in, though. I keep that off. Just tested a bit and only noticed one little bug in OoT during the test. At the Dodongo's Cavern entrance, by the first Beamo (laser eye statue) the base of the large platform it's on doesn't draw a face texture depending on the angle it's viewed at. I only saw it happen once and couldn't recreate it. Also, Link's portrait appears as a goofy texture instead of the character model -- changing resolution ratios doesn't fix (I've read this may help).

Thanks for the info again. I'll probably start visiting these forums more often.

EDIT: Oh, I also noticed the plug-in creates some small graphical errors at the extreme end of the screen (1-4 pixel horizontal line at the top of garbled color). Upon loading a ROM it does this across the entire screen in random positions. It's not really bothersome.

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