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Default some quick noob questions

ok here are a few questions that I need answered.

1. will fullscreen mess up the emulation in any way? I remember I was playing a game in fullscreen, and it messed up, I blamed the fullscreen.

2. is there a really good video plugin to use besides the default?

Game compatibility:

3. Does Banjo Tooie work flawless, or at least decent, beginning to end?

4. The last time I tried banjo kazooie, it kept freezing every 3 seconds then resuming. does this game work?

5. also, paper mario, I can only get to the part where peaches castle goes up in the sky before it crashes, does this game work?

My pc specs:

AMD Sempron 3600+
1.8 GHZ processor
1 gb RAM
OS: windows xp pro

Thnx in advance