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Originally Posted by dsxchallengernew View Post
if i may ask, who alerts you?
Either no one, no one important, or themselves.

And to those who think this all a game with post count, I'm not tempted to stop. The only reason I started mass-posting across every thread is so I could practice thinking about questions people have about Project64 or just other stuff, so yes it is a conversational or social merit in the long run but originally was aimed to give mass-help with Project64 issues and learn from other posts. The only reason it comes out to be a spam fest in many threads is because natnatertatertot won't let go of most threads and transposes to social discussion.

Originally Posted by natnatertatertot View Post
okay I'm lost here. I thought spam was just linking to other sites to boost that site's popularity for no helpful reason to this forum?
Hey DSX, I think he's talking about that "new posts" thing.
Oooh it's sticky! ^_^ ...Which means that I really need to get this picture ~_~
Nah, it's not really spam. "Spam" was used to reference posting un-useful messages in a thread basically, at least to common perception that doesn't understand the link between two seemingly unrelated topics. Still I agree with Gent that it's kind of annoying if we do this outside the forum for open discussion.