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hey there!

I played with your perfect dark/goldeneye control set and most of it works fine expect for the aim (as you have mentioned), and possibly other small things.
Have a go with the config i've uploaded, very similar to yours, with a few buttons changed around and aim is controlled correctly
Ive also added a few perks to suit the controls of modern fps such as scrolling for changing weapons back and forth, etc.

Fire/Menu Select: Mouse Left
Reload/Menu Back/Action (open doors etc): Mouse Right and R
Aim: E
Walk Forward/menu up: W
Strafe left/menu left: A
Walk backwards/menu down: S
Strafe Right/menu right: D
Perfect Dark weapons menu: hold middle mouse button
Pause/Start: Enter

Have a go at my config and see what you think

Works on N-Rage Controller plugin (latest)
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