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Originally Posted by LuigiBlood View Post
Glide64- Project64-video needs to have Glide out of the window first if you really want to use it.
All the glide code has been removed out of the angle branch, I am working to get those changes back in to the main line. So yes all reference to glide/vodoo will be removed from the source, soonish.

Originally Posted by LuigiBlood View Post
I get the point of needing control but I think for LLE it might be even more worth it to do more on z64gl than Glide64 (Project64-video) and GLideN64, which I saw for a bit in a LLE branch, if you don't want to work on GLideN64, at least do z64gl. This has some potential to do great & fast LLE emulation. Optimize the shit out of it.
glide64 has LLE code in there already which is based on z64gl. I will not use it as a base, but I will look at how it works at try to use how it does things to help with my version.

the LLE branch was killed cause it was branched from the ANGLE branch, when I get all the key changes from the ANGLE branch in to the master, then I will recreate the LLE branch again.

Originally Posted by LuigiBlood View Post
Make the RSP recompiler better too. Avoid HLE as soon as possible if you really want LLE to thrive, and z64gl is pretty easy to compile AFAIK

But I think my word shouldn't be taken as seriously as any other graphics programmer specialist. I don't know shit about GFX development. I don't know how to use DirectX or OpenGL, let alone Vulkan.

tl;dr: If you wanna really focus LLE, stop HLE right now, try out z64gl.
I am not sure if LLE video will ever be the default, but I would like it at least as reference, I want to have at least the option for software rending and have it as accurate as what the angry lions version is.

I will be looking at test programs, z64gl, angry lions code for directions with LLE.
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