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Default Mario 64 (U): Are These Decent

[I tried creating a new thread but the vBulletin granny slapped me with the Thank you for posting! If you opted to post a poll, you may now do so! *redirects me to an unchanged forum*]

Maybe these are worth including in the database?

Always Full Health
8033B21E 0008

Lean Modifier
8033B3C0 00??
//00 0 degrees
//40 90 degrees
//80 180 degrees
//C0 270 degrees
The first was a memory search I did to correct the current cheat code that claimed infinite health but only immunized Mario from damage. The exception was to substances like lava or freezing water, so I couldn't hop around on my ass laughing it off for a living because Mario would die as usual. This is the true constantly updating health cheat.

I also tried to make a speed modifier cheat code. I tried twice creating compare base, run, return increased values, stop, return decreased values, over and over to single out two addresses that might change Mario's speed. One of them didn't work, but the other one was his angle of lean (which logically adjusts to higher speeds). So I thought that was cool. :S
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