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Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
I have somewhat better luck with z64gl on Linux. Here's an example of what I have to deal with on windows .

Even in games where Z64gl has better graphics, the performance is usually significantly worse on my end and more likely to crash / freeze. Maybe it's just the particular games I play, idk ;/. If I were to play games like SM64, I'd have a field day with z64gl cause even that game looks better and has better performance on my end with z64gl.

What kind of hardware do you have btw?
Nvidia hardware. I suspect there's something wrong with Ziggy's LLE on AMD hardware. But it's also worth noting that Ziggy's LLE needs configuring via its .ini file. The wrong settings can cut framerates in half. Ziggy's LLE is not all that accurate. It's primarily useful for playing games with unknown ucodes - in fact, that's why Ziggy made it, AFAIK.

Originally Posted by RPGMaster View Post
As for Glide64, my main 2 issues are stability and performance. I generally don't use Glide64, if a game hardly looks any different on other plugins.
The problems with Jabo are often not all that obvious. But half-working graphics emulation has been N64 emulation's curse for years. Just look at all those people playing Perfect Dark using Jabo despite the fact Jabo doesn't support the game's lighting system. (It possibly supports it in LLE, but then it still doesn't have correct depth buffer\framebuffer emulation needed for coronas, skyboxes, etc.)

Not as bad as PCSX2 culling visual effects left and right with its hardware renderer, mind you.
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