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I know at least one of the wrestling games hangs on boot if Counter Factor is set to 1,making it unusable for that game.

The 2.4 builds can be found floating around but these compiled copies are usually only found on extra sketchy/annoying download sources thanks to places like EmuCR not using cleaner mirrors other than Mega but I have to mention that it stores the data of downloaded files into the "AppData" directory which requires trickery to reach in order to delete that pointless waste of storage space from the leftover data files once you have what you want.
Even then,the builds from there can end up extra buggy or non-functional sometimes.

DON'T use Mega on Android unless you want to delete the app you got files with or have root access to navigate to the app's proper directory to delete those leftover files.
I do wish the Android port of PJ64 had a redeemable amount of completion instead of barely anything.
We all still lack a real-time UI on either N64 emulator in Android for stuff like any active configurable settings or enabling/disabling/managing cheats.
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