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Default Ocarina of Time Letterboxing Cheat

Hi! I'm new here and would like to request a cheat.

I stumbled upon a cheat on youtube not long ago that disables all letterboxing (black bars) on Majora's Mask during cut-scenes and when you z-target. It makes the game look great! especially with hi-res textures and the widescreen hack. In the comments, I asked the poster if he could make a similar cheat for ocarina of time. He said probably not but he did tell me how discovered the cheat on Majora's Mask and said it shouldn't be too hard to make one for Ocarina of Time. I don't know anything about making cheats so I was wondering if this would be easy for you to do since you seem to be the cheat pro.

Here's the video on youtube and you can check the comments for how he made the cheat. Thanks very much!

Dang... I can't post URLs until I've already made 5 posts. This is my first post. Well the video is easy to find. On YouTube, search "Majora's Mask Disable Widescreen". It's should be the first result on the list. Sorry I can't post a link!
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