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It's because zilmar deleted the posts insensitively.

Not carelessly, just insensitively. Probably did the right thing.

Originally Posted by Smiff_ View Post
there's a few things i'd like people to understand about how we work.

for something to be considered it has to be:

1) useful to the majority of users.
the question is not "why not add ..." the question is "why should we addd ... ?"
it should not make the emulator any more complicated to use, unless there's a very great benefit to the change. if its a suggestion that removes controls or simplifies the UI, even better!

2) worth the time to implement. this is part of the above point (time vs benefit), but its often hard for people to guess how difficult something is. try to use common sense here.

3) explained clearly.
its no good having a great idea if we don't understand you. drawings or annotated screenshots sometimes help! don't be afraid to use a paint program, and this isn't an art class!

4) specific and non obvious.
things like "why not support (some game marked unsupported in rom browser)?" are not helpful because we will already know the problem and already tried to fix it.

5) use the search and read the changelogs and ToDos to see if we have already done it or are planning to do it!
remember most things that can reasonably be done with an N64 emulator, have already been thought of by this point! having said that, you might have a great idea so if you still think it's great, post it.

6) think about your idea for a day before posting it.
I often post something that i think is brilliant only to realise a massive flaw in it 5 minutes later.. just save yourself the embarassment and mull it over a while

7) try to have a complete idea. think about all aspects.. what sort of interface changes your idea might need (the more, the less likely it is to happen..), what other things it might impact on, etc.

8) finally, please remember to ask politely and not demand, this as a hobby, not a job. most people understand this but not everyone..

Thanks for your ideas!
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Gtfo. -------------------------
I'd say the results have fantastic, radiating eminence.
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