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Originally Posted by nintendo1889 View Post
Mupen64 - good emulator, bad GUI - Use FRAPs for video recording
Nemu64 -if you're still using this, you've got a problem.
1964 - Can't get a smooth framerate by adjusting the Counter Factor levels

PJ64 is still being beta tested. Either stop comparing or learn how to program and implement these features yourself. Why anyone would use MacOS strictly for emulators is beyond me.

I don't work with C++ / C coding. I do, C#, and I know perl and python scripting...

I asked these questions for in emulator recorder not because I can't record my emulator but it would be more noob friendly like Snes emulators.

People use Nemu64 for creating gameshark codes and testing rom hacks, but apparently you didn't know that.

Yawn. Squall is a Troll.
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