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You should probably learn C++, then, as that's a staple in coding. Heh, python ftw.

Not everything needs to be made so that even the dumbest person can use it. Computers, cars, even the simplest acts of showering and eating food are going this direction. Some things need to have some level of difficulty that insures that the human race does not become a population of inept monkeys.

Even if we did make it "noob proof", teh noobzors will always find something wrong. I guess if we keep PJ64 at an intellectual level, maybe the noobs will only find semi-noobish things wrong.

Anyway, we're not selling this, and we're not trying to make a profit on anything. If people want to use this, they need to learn how. Otherwise, it's their loss.

Yawn. Squall is right. stfu.
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