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Thanks for your attention to my request.
I looked and looked for a sensitivity modifier -
one already exists.
Are you referring to the Movement type of modifier? All this did was relegate my reticule to a smaller region of the screen.

I also tried the N64 range slider. I tried leaving one on 100% and one on 50%, but it turns out that both Config 1 and Config 2 are referring to the same values, and they are in fact one slider. So adding a Config modifier that switched between the two doesn't work.

All I am trying to achieve is a drastic reduction in mouse sensitivity whenever I hold down 'R' trigger, but only while that modifier is active. Either you didn't understand I was requesting a feature specifically for modifiers, or I haven't realized how to use their full power.

I am really going to get it now... I accused FatCat of not understanding something. Was that counterproductive? Go easy on me, friend.
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