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You'll have to forgive me. All this fat in my belly deflects some of the wind, so my cat ears miss some details.

Also, yes, Config 1 and Config 2 for the N64 range should *default* to the same values, but, you're saying the macro switch between 1 and 2 uses the same profile for both configs...? That totally sounds like a bug. I'm not sure I ever had that problem with N-Rage 1.83, maybe 2.1.

Or is it just a bug when using it as a macro invocation

Originally Posted by adamLaughlin View Post
All I am trying to achieve is a drastic reduction in mouse sensitivity whenever I hold down 'R' trigger, but only while that modifier is active. Either you didn't understand I was requesting a feature specifically for modifiers,
Ohh, I get it now!

You want to dynamically have the sensitivity change.
You don't want to go into the config every time to do it.

You know, I implemented this exact thing !!
... in my System Keyboard plugin that nobody here would ever want to use

Basically, in my plugin,
  • you hold Shift for 100% software-accelated max analog speed,
  • you hold Alt for 50% of the software analog limit (64/80, where 80 is the hardware limit on the real N64 joystick),
  • you hold Shift and Alt together for 25% speed (32/80, enough to tip-toe very slowly in Banjo and crap like that, tested with the snake in Mayahem Temple)

Sounds sort of like what you wanted.
Too bad only keyboard users can use a plugin so fixated, hardcoded and inflexible but also l33t. :P

I don't develop N-Rage.
Maybe you could get squall to look at whatever might be hindering the Config 1/2 switcher.
Or maybe you could annoy zilmar into touching it.
Or maybe you could write a SDL input plugin and I'll help you dev it.
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