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I am using 2.3c and just re-tested my statement, I am correct as far as 2.3c is concerned.

Adjusted Range on Config 1 so that 1 is 50% and 2 is 100%, "Save."
Re-opened dialog, Config 1 now reads 50% instead of previous 100%; Config 2 now reads 50% instead of previous 100%.
Adjusted Config 2 to 100% again, "Save."
Re-opened dialog, both are now at 100%.

Again, version 2.3c. I've designed software in college with a UI that had the same ambiguities and assumed this was intentional. The Up, Right, Left, Down settings still vary as intended, I figured this was A-OK. I PM'ed Squall so he can ensure everything is working the way he wants... and maybe even the way I want!

Edit: I would use the versions you listed and just let it go, except my Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 uses XInput, not DirectInput. *FURTHER RESEARCH* Actually it's DirectInput. YEAY!

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