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Originally Posted by TroodsMcD View Post

I've had Project 64 for awhile, but I've been using a lot more games lately. I've noticed that there are a handful of games that all have the same problem for me: In some games, all the buttons work fine except for up, down, left, and right. That's a problem... lol Even if I enter other controller buttons or even computer keyboard buttons to control the directions, it won't work. What do I do?? It doesn't sound like it matters what kind of controller I have, but just incase, it's just a PC gamepad called a Nyko Airflo. Do I need a plugin or update or something? It seems to be a software problem, since it won't even work when I configure the directions to be controlled by the computer keyboard. But maybe I'm wrong. Suggestions? ....


It can maybe the gamepad drivers or hardware arenīt compatible with jaboīs controller plugin. Did you tried the n-rage plugin included?
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