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The setting "TMEM Emulation" on the Current Game Options tab is the main force. If this setting is neither checked nor unchecked--but checked with a grayed box--the setting for the default option "Full TMEM Emulation" under tab Texture Enhancements will be used. Therefore they are essentially the same except the INI can force it. In mudlord's changes the later was enabled while it was originally disabled by Rice for extra simulation purposes.

In most N64 images is a section called "texture memory". This is a pixelmaps reference page of either 32 bits or 16 bits storage per pixel, but compression is possible. My educated guess is that this setting levels out to what extent the reference read-and-copy functions will execute. There are cases in which rendering-to-texture and other simulations are interfered by "Full TMEM Emulation" and some parts of games that work better with this more-fully emulated.

In few games does this make a difference actually, so Rice may have disabled it for efficiency to simulate while mudlord reversed this religiously. Therefore for Rice's original plugin (seeing as mudlord's changes break some parts of games formerly fixed in 6.1.0--And I don't mean 6.1.1. ) you may keep it off for efficiency and some fixes that appear accurate, but no other N64 RDP I know of simply partially emulates this. That's probably why Glide64 has a support problem with loading textures dumped consistently with this setting either on or off.
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