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Talking Project 64 in 3D response

Originally Posted by SNAKE View Post
My understanding is that this technology works at the driver level and supports most versions of DirectX. The rendering of some fog and shadows may not look right but it is entirely possible that Jabo's D3D plugin could work out of the box. I don't believe that OpenGL is yet compatible but supposedly will become compatible in the future. Does anyone have one of these yet? We would love to hear about your experience.

Unfortunately I am not ready to replace my LCD monitor and Plasma TV with an expensive 120Hz LCD monitor or DLP 3D capable TV. Maybe by the time I am ready to upgrade again we will have Dolby 3D Digital Cinema hardware available.

I found a video of it up and runnng on YouTube:

Here (Somewhere in the END)

it's in the end somewhere, but i was like WOAH!!!!!!
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