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Default Perfect Dark With Cheats Issues

Is anyone else getting the same crap or is it just my computer? I can't play all missions on Perfect Dark with all cheats on. What is the point of having cheats if you can't play all missions with cheats? The missions that crash when I have cheats are all Missions on Mission 4, and the G5 Building (although sometimes I can play with them on after completing spying on the conspirators with the CamSpy). Most of the time Perfect Dark crashes on those missions because of graphics issues so I tone down the graphics, but it still crashes on those missions. I use a Dell Inspiron Core 13 Laptop and have Windows 7. The Emulator works fine without cheats.
Does anyone know what might be the problem? I'm losing hope here. I got my Roms from Unfortunately they had to remove their N64 Roms due to copyright issues.
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