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Majora's Mask (U)

Unarmed Link Throws Zora Boomerangs
D1779E82 5C10
81779E82 6754
Mash shield for rapid fire,appears to work as any form.

Sworded Link Actions Throw Zora Boomerangs
D1779E8E 5C48
81779E8E 6754
Even backing out of Ocarina use works,seems to mainly work only when sword is out.
Quick mash shield for rapid fire.

Fierce Deity Throws Zora Boomerangs
D1779E9A 5C48
81779E9A 6754
Too bad these are too complicated for object spawn modding due to the camera locking if a different object is used.

Exotic Dancing Link
D1779316 DF28
81779316 CF98
Only normal and Deku Link can do the dance.
Other forms are hardcoded!

Ocarina Animation Mod
D177A632 DDB8
8177A632 xxxx
E1F8=Link The Drumming Fool
E200=Drum Stanced
E2A8=Silly Looking Deku Horn Pose
E3E0=Air Zora Guitar

Epona of Healing
811D02E6 000D
811D0316 4001
Play the Song of Healing,get Epona.
Sadly causes errors within multi-door areas once exiting through one after Epona has been spawned,you can only avoid the error if the door used sends you to a different area.

Song of Healing Spawn Mod
811D02E6 xxxx
811D0316 zzzz
Don't use with the Epona code.
* xxxx=Object
Values; (ones without variables use zzzz=0000)
* 000E=Items
~ 0000=Rupee
~ 0001=Blue Rupee
~ 0002=Red Rupee
~ 0003=Recovery Heart
~ 0004=Bomb
~ 0005=Arrow
~ 0006=Piece of Heart (can spawn it multiple times)
~ 0007=Heart Container (multiple times)
~ 0008=Double Arrows
~ 0009=Triple Arrows
~ 000A=More Arrows?
~ 000B=Bombs Again
~ 000C=Deku Nuts
~ 000D=Deku Stick
~ 000E=Big Magic Jar
~ 000F=Small Magic Jar
~ 0011=Small Key (no telling what it does to keyless areas)
~ 0013=Giant Orange Rupee
~ 0014=Big Purple Rupee
* 0010=Fairies
~ 0000=Tatl
~ 0001=Healing Fairy (makes song OP)
~ 0002=Wandering Pink Fairy
* 0021=Elegy of Emptiness Statues
~ 0000=Link Statue
~ 0001=Goron Statue
~ 0002=Zora Statue
~ 0003=Deku Scrub Statue
* 00C4=Storming
* 00D3=Timer
~ 0000=Counts Up
~ 0001=One Second Respawn
~ 0002-01FE=More Seconds Before Respawn
(12:20:00 Max/disappears on area change)
* 00D7=Song of Storms Effect
* 00DA=Self-inflicted Deku Nut Pain
* 00FE=Postman's Letter (checkable)

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