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Voted for:
Test roms:, Improve Cycle accuracy., Add netplay:, 64bit version:

Fun things to do, that I didn't see as strategic enough priorities to actually vote for them:
Refactor/Clean up RSP:, making android recompiler faster:

The rest I did not really comprehend any reasons for wanting to vote for them.

Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
Low Level emulation:
There is AngryLion's RDP plugin that has near perfect LLE emulation in software. It would be good to get a version of code that could work like this plugin inside Project64 Video. I would like to see a version of LLE that can be run in software and have very similar compatibility with AngryLions code and a hardware based LLE implementation. There is already a hardware based version implemented based on ziggy's Z64, it just does not have very good results. While the software version should be able to produce nearly pixel perfect results. The hardware should be a lot faster and be able to scale resolutions better.

Needed for: to have a good implementation of LLE in the video plugin
You've mentioned this before and I still have no idea what you're really talking about.

If angrylion's RDP does the LLE in software and z64gl/GlideN64/"PJ64Video" do the LLE in hardware then I don't really see what's missing or being requested here.

Maybe you're saying PJ64 Glide doesn't have LLE. If it doesn't then what's the point of having a software LLE implementation as accurate as angrylion's inside of PJ64 Glide64 when the two code bases are entirely inverted? If you were saying make a LLE version somehow based off PJ64 Glide's HLE code, that would make more sense. But just taking something as accurate as angrylion's RDP and putting that in for the LLE mode of PJ64 Video is just putting 2 DLLs in 1...the purpose of an LLE implementation of PJ64 Video should be to have something similar enough to the HLE one to the point where it is at least the same plugin in both cases, if anything so the HLE can be debugged using the LLE.
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