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What debugging can be done with the HLE using an angrylion-like LLE implementation that can't be done with the two plugins separate, that can only be done with them fused into one plugin? It's not like synchronise cores or anything where the RSP interpreter and re-compiler ideally should go into one plugin (and are based on the same template).

Now to be hypothetical, if it turned out that Glide64 was discovered to be based on some LLE codebase Gonetz never told anyone about that he used to create the HLE Glide64, then I would want to throw that in to the LLE side of the same HLE PJ64 Video plugin. Because then you have two modes of the same you fix inaccuracies with the LLE Glide64 base using angrylion's LLE you can mirror those fixes to the HLE one. But just using angrylion's as the LLE side to PJ64 Video and PJ64 Video as the HLE side to PJ64 Video seems like 2 plugins in 1, where any debugging about inaccuracies could be done with them separate.
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