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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
But just using angrylion's as the LLE side to PJ64 Video and PJ64 Video as the HLE side to PJ64 Video seems like 2 plugins in 1.
I am not going to be directly using angrylion code. I want to build a LLE version from scratch making reference to everything to make sure it is accurate. Using the tests from peter lemon, to add functionality slowly and accurately. Now I need to add a software version that writes to the n64 memory to try and be pixel perfect as well as accurate to the real n64 using rdram. This mode should be similar and have the same level of compatibility as angry lions code. There should also be a hardware version developed at the same time that should work similar to the software one but more comparable/compatibile with HLE.

Once I have a LLE hardware render that is comparable to the software one I can take individual tasks from hle and emulate it using the lle hardware render and the rsp code. If all the tasks use RSP/LLE render as HLE, then it should be the same as LLE with RSP plugin. Once that version is working I can switch each task/command individually with the HLE implementation and it should still work.
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