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Originally Posted by SuperTurboTurkeyStuffer View Post
Add netplay: I am curious about the issue of random number generation and netplay. Firstly, PJ64's RNG needs fixing. Secondly, is it actually possible to have working RNG while also having working netplay? That seems like something that might require quite a bit of thought. I don't think the existing methods of netplay are good enough. You need a tighter, core-level sync.
The only problem I know about PJ64's RNG issue is that things do not seem random. Unless there is some other issue that I am not aware of. I did a lot of work before on making the core perform consistently the same. This is why the sync core works, the interpreter and recompiler can run at the same time and stay in perfect sync. The isses with the RNG not seeming random is that the core is very consistent in how it works so it keep producing the same result.

Staying in sync should be doable.

Originally Posted by SuperTurboTurkeyStuffer View Post
Improve Project64-video: Your refactor work has been quite good. But I'm sceptical about the realism of making PJ64-Video more accurate. As an example, how are you going to fix mipmapping? I'm not being condescending here. One of the reasons why GLideN64 uses GL3.3 as a baseline is because PC GPUs can't natively mimic N64 mipmapping. It has to be done in shaders. PJ64-Video's method is inherently flawed, and that's why Turok/Conker/PD/and some other games are broken. Improving PJ64-Video isn't necessarily a bad idea, but it's an incredibly ambitious task that doesn't really have a clear route. Still, if you're confident you can get the job done, then I defer to your judgement.
No Idea, might be impossible. Mostly code clean up so far. My desire to get good LLE and see where it goes from that. the software version is understandable and will work correctly. Now a hardware version of it I am going to face that problem. Is it solvable, I have no idea. I might end up at the same problem and come to the same solution. I am not there yet, when I do get there I can see what happens.

Originally Posted by SuperTurboTurkeyStuffer View Post
New UI for GlideN64: It is a pity Gonetz used QT because it has caused a lot of headaches. The Zilmar version is a nightmare to build.
If I do a new UI in part it would be to make it easier to build.

Originally Posted by SuperTurboTurkeyStuffer View Post
Enhancement Build: Way I see it, you should split the cheat menu into two sections. One section is for stuff like 60fps hacks, the other for cheats. Bear in mind you're really not going to see that many 60fps hacks that aren't unstable and therefore not recommendable.
I do have a branch where I started this work, yes enhancements and cheats will be separate. Does not have to be every game, does not even have to be many. Even if it is just Golden Eye it is probably enough.
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