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ok long story on this one. Xbox One controllers are mapped differently than that of its Xbox 360 brothers. The Engineers changed how the triggers work. The 360 controllers (if you look at the configuration on your PC) the triggers are mapped to the "Z axis" @ 50% when both triggers are left alone. So when you pull left trigger it reads as 0% and on the other hand pulling the right trigger reads 100%.

Now, the Xbox One controllers added that the left trigger is now "Z Rotation" and the right trigger is "Z axis" (so when the right trigger is not pulled its reading 0%, not 50% anymore). Project 64 is reading this as though the left trigger is pulled because its reading 0% on Z axis. So when you try to map anything using a Xbox One controller you will never get past the first button mapping.

Solution: Get a wired (or wireless with purchase of 360 PC dongle) 360 controller which nowadays is cheap. Map all your buttons, EXCLUDING THE LEFT TRIGGER MAYBE EVEN THE RIGHT TRIGGER AS WELL, using the 360 controller and save the profile so you can find it. Turn on the Xbox one controller first, then open project 64. Open the controller configuration and choose your Xbox one controller and LOAD that previously saved config file. everything should work!! Enjoy