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It only shows how many ungrateful people there are in the world, complaining about development the authors work on without pay.

1. I'd love to see you work on a project with dedication for three years, without pay.
2. Not all people have paid them for the reasons you say, some people are actually generous, and like to show the authors that their work is appreciated.
3. It's people like you that have the authors slow up on development.
4. I honestly hope there is no public release, just to have an ungrateful person such as yourself sit in the dark while you complain.
5. If you don't like the progress, then switch to another Nintendo 64 emulation project.
6. Obviously the project is not dead, there has been numerous posts on the beta, which you and your ignorance had probably not even bothered to read.
7. Not only Jabo, but everyone deserves a girl in their life (and vice-versa to women), but if you act like this, complaining because something is not "your way", then I do not expect you to find one anytime soon.
8. Authors work at their own rate, not at your demanding rate.

Note to all others: No offense to those who are in a position who can not pay for the beta version, or simply have no interest in paying. It is a shame that people such as cheezwizz have to ruin it for the rest.