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Originally Posted by oddMLan View Post
GLideN64 doesn't use the Glide API at all, in any shape or form. The actual reason it is 10MB is because of Qt, which is a very bloated GUI library. Compile the plugin without GUI and it's just 1.5MB
GlideN64 wraps Voodoo3 functions (Glide3x) to OpenGL. It even says so in the mission statement on Indiegogo

As for the "Bloated" GUI, it is far better to have everything self contained than it is to make users install all the required components of the GUI themselves. That and it makes it more compatible with the MupenPlus core for RetroArch. I do agree with zilmar that it is a tad bloated as a plugin, but as far as being able to be used in RetroArch, IMHO it is a fair price to pay for being cross platform between Mupen and Zilmar spec plugins.
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