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Originally Posted by Wally123 View Post
GlideN64 wraps Voodoo3 functions (Glide3x) to OpenGL. It even says so in the mission statement on Indiegogo

As for the "Bloated" GUI, it is far better to have everything self contained than it is to make users install all the required components of the GUI themselves. That and it makes it more compatible with the MupenPlus core for RetroArch. I do agree with zilmar that it is a tad bloated as a plugin, but as far as being able to be used in RetroArch, IMHO it is a fair price to pay for being cross platform between Mupen and Zilmar spec plugins.

You could easily have an automatic glideN64 plugin downloader. Let's be honest, all n64 emulators need LOTS of forum post reading, tweaking, downloading, and configuration for each game. Which is why a single plugin that everyone can contribute to is a good idea, as long as it continues to follow the zilmar plugin specification. I'm ok with 10mb for a plugin size, we have plenty of storage, even on cell phones. If the issue is RAM and code size, code size does not speed. Even the openwatcom c/c++ compiler has optimizations that balance between code size and speed.

Recent discussion from gonetz's blog:
So, now GLideN64 has a bit of audio processing code. Emulation of this microcode requires modification of N64 SP_STATUS register. That is not allowed by original zilmar's specs for graphics plugin.

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