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With the more recent discussions in this thread dating back 4 years, and there being a major public release 4.0 in April of 2019, along with a pre-release version just 6 days ago (as of this post, 6 days ago is August 31 2021), has any of the initial downsides changed in view of GlideN64?

There's both a QT and WTL version of the plugin, with the WTL being vastly less chunky in size (pre-release WTL 2.49mb vs QT 10.3mb extracted sizes), is plugin size/bloat still an issue?
Seems to be the size comes quite a bit from the inclusion of the gui in the QT build, which has the positive of being much easier to modify settings.

Trying to gauge if the forum is still fairly active or not, or maybe this thread is redundant thanks to these future releases of GlideN64 from the initial 2017 discussions.

posted from someone who has a passion for high accuracy emulation (also use a raspberry pi to tinker with low spec emulation as well, don't want to be too jaded with my views of cycle perfection)
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