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The installation took from 8 to 12 minutes I guess, run it after that into a new window for IE 8, then re-opened the link for Part 1 of Death of the Doctor into instead a FireFox tab, and there was a Flash button said "Play Now", clicked and it started playing.

Strange thing is that with Expat Shield running my IP address was successfully changed, but it's resolved to Elroy, WI USA. Well who cares as long as it works; my IP was never resolved to my actual residence.

^ Well yeah the installer did ask me to allow a few components to be installed if Windows security or anti-virus software alerted about them, which I did. No harm came from that yet.

Honestly that's the first Megavideo video I've seen. I know about the site, but none of the DBZ / etc. episodes I'd search for where on it that I could tell by Google. It looks pretty standard in terms of the playback initialization, with only a few sites specifically devoted to DBZ having no advertisement, etc. material in the way.

Also when I say "seen" of course I didn't mean I fully watched it yet, have to finish up my addiction to DBZ first....

Originally Posted by zilmar View Post
The doctor of course is not dead, just part of the story .. does have the real doctor in it.
LOL this I got to see. Come to think of it there were a lot of doctors in Banjo-Tooie, just none of which being certified.

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