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I deleted cache folder and put pack with lots of folders in Project64/textures/SUPER MARIO 64.

Settings Rice Format, Alternate CRC checked, Texture dumping/editing UNchecked.

Pack loads perfectly.

Then I opened Glide's settings and checked Texture dumping/editing, clicked save. On doing this the texture pack with folders gets saved as SUPER MARIO 64_HIRESTEXTURES.dat in cache folder.

Now I can delete the Project64/textures/SUPER MARIO 64 folder and just keep the .dat. The .dat loads the whole custom pack from the Project64/textures/cache folder as well.

So the folders for PJGlide and SM64 for example.

Dat file:
Project64/textures/cache/SUPER MARIO 64_HIRESTEXTURES.dat

Pack with folders:
Project64/textures/SUPER MARIO 64

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